Japanese Ambassador's Cup, 6th edition, Vatra Dornei,Romania

The first five editions of the Japanese Ambassador’s Cup were organized in Bucharest from 2007 to 2011 by members of the Saijo club, led by Catalin Taranu 5p, in close partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Romania. This event held great significance for the Romanian Go community, igniting enthusiasm and inspiring the organization of other major events such as the Shusaku Cup and Iasi Cup.

We are thrilled to announce that this tradition will continue after many years. The stunning Casino building in Vatra Dornei, an emblematic historical monument rich with history, is the venue for the upcoming edition.



  • 6 rounds McMahon tournament
  • Japanese rules, komi 6.5,
  • time settings: 60 minutes + Japanese byoyomi 2×30 seconds

DISCLAIMER: For promotional purposes, part of the tournament will be held outdoors in the Casino garden. This will help us achieve our goal of presenting the game of Go to a wider audience. Therefore, players who choose to join the tournament should be prepared for the possibility of background noise.


  • Mihaela Taranu
  • Eduard Ungureanu
  • Stefan Chelariu


The Japanese Ambassador’s Cup is a special promotional event dedicated to spreading the knowledge and love for the beautiful game of Go.

For this event, there will be no participation fee!

However, if you would like to show your appreciation for our ongoing efforts to promote Go, we welcome your donations. Your support will help us continue organizing such events and furthering our mission to share the joy of Go.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. We look forward to seeing you at the competition!



Prize giving ceremony : SATURDAY 18.00 (schedule might change until the start of the event) .

Participation at the closing ceremony is a must in order to receive the prize.